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Hristofor Todorov called Fori is a piano player and singer from Bulgaria. Fori started his career as early as age 6. At first he played the drums and many different instruments. But after that he started to playing professional piano. Fori started singing and playing hardly in the school of music , when he turned 14. Later he graduated bulgarian music academy. When he is twenty years old,  he started played around Europe. Fori performed as a vocal,  pianist and piano entertainer in various countries including Bulgaria,  Israel,  Romania, Netherlands, Finland,  Norway.

For the last ten years,  he have been working as a piano entertainer in Scandinavia and around Europe.
His repertoire list contains more than 450 songs: evergreen,  rock'n'roll,  blues, soul, jazz and pop music, latest hits.
Fori is piano entertainer who will make your party memorable and he get ready for a new adventure.

2015  Fori decide to open his own piano bar in Bulgaria . Piano bar is called Gatsby piano bar and it's the biggest and the greatest place in Plovdiv city.